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Sales and Marketing LLC has been building web sites since 1994 when John Webber started the company. Mr. Webber is a graduate of University of Southern California, and holds a BA in Business Finance. His prior experience to LLC is working in the Print and Advertising market as well as managing sales and marketing for a major sporting goods manufacturer. Training includes HTML, Java, CGI, Flash, Adobe, PC, Mac, and many custom built applications offered as solutions for better managed web site. LLC has servers in Chicago, Florida, and New Jersey and run all the latest software and applications that make them a preferred Application Service Provider (ASP). Whether you are a small, medium or large size business, they can help you get online faster, and more cost effectively then most providers. LLC employs only top coders and designers that help companies like yours to stay ahead of the competition. LLC achieves better results where other companies fall short.

Our company head quarters are at: LLC
46 Edgewood Ave
Stamford, CT 06907
phone; 203-978-9004


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