Customer Relations Manager Module:

This application puts all relative information about your customers in a database. It includes a form where users can signup and you have the ability to store any type of information you want to keep on file as well as ask any questions you might want to include in the users profile. This information can be imported or entered in directly and is stored in a password protected area that would be available for viewing, managing and marketing using our targeted E-mail Tools.

E-mail Tools

Here is an example of some fields included:

Name (first, last)*

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E-mail Address*


* Any fields can be required.

Profile Information

Do you wish to be included in our Newsletter?

Address (line 1)

Address (line 2)


State or Province

Zip/Postal Code







Optional Questionnaire   


How Much do you spend on

How many different

How do you rate
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Mail Merge Manager

This module is a custom designed module add-on that allows management to create letters, labels and envelopes to targeted customers using the E-Mail Management Module (see above) and them their printer. This tool will automatically merge the name, address, salutation in the appropriate spots as well as any other profiled information the manager wants to send to their users.