PlusRoamer II
PlusRoamer is a powerful Web based email solution for busy Internet users. With PlusRoamer you can create Web based POP accounts with all the common and enhanced features of a normal email program. PlusRoamer works with the default email box provided with your account, and allows a virtually unlimited number of Web based POPs to be created  limited only by the number of user licenses you select. PlusRoamer does not affect the normal POP3 boxes that come with your account.

  • 10 User @ $10/month
  • 250 User @ $30/month
  • 1000 User @ $45/month
  • 2500 User @ $60/month
  • 7500 User @ $95/month

PlusRoamer II offers: 

Messages filtered as they arrive -24 hours a day
Multiple folders
Send/receive file attachments
Instant "New Message" notification
Integrated address book
Unlimited Autoresponders based on subject or body text
Group messaging (multiple recipient address list)
Create private or public groups and share private forums and calendars
Customizable POP pages (add your favorite links)
Search files and folders by subject, from or body text
Maintain personal schedules with flagging when event arises 

Great reasons for you and your visitors to use PlusRoamer POPs:
Browser based PlusRoamer means you can access your email from any Web browser, any time, anywhere. 
PlusRoamer gives you a private email account, separate from your company email account 
PlusRoamer is one of the fastest Web-based mail systems available, and runs much faster than the other leading browser based mail providers. 

Consolidate your email accounts
PlusRoamer lets you consolidate all of your email accounts into one.  Receive all of your email from all of your POP accounts through your PlusRoamer account. 

Email Forwarding
It's easy to forward your PlusRoamer account to another address.  Maintain one email address no matter what ISP you use. 

Ease of Use
PlusRoamer is extremely easy to use.  You can configure your account in minutes!

Despite ease of use, PlusRoamer is a powerful mail system. Configure different filtering rules, set up mail folders, and an address book.

24 Hour Service
PlusRoamer is always connected to the Internet. Mail forwarding, mail filtering, and delayed message sending are always active, whether you're online or not.

Reminder Service
PlusRoamer can be used to send yourself (or others) reminders at future dates and times. 

Address Book
Your universal address book can be accessed any time, from anywhere.

Who should use PlusRoamer?
Road Warriors
Access email from anywhere, and have PlusRoamer send all of your POP email to you wherever you are. 
Provide your employees with a flexible, mobile email system. Each employee will have their own email account, accessible from anywhere on the Internet, and you don't have the headaches or expense of a private email system. 

Get an email account for everyone in the family - put an end to lost messages and "snooping."

Get an email address that goes with you when you graduate. 

Give each student a personal school identified email address within minutes!

Non-Computer Owners
Get your own private email address! You can access your mail from a local library, cybercafe, or anywhere you can use a computer with Internet access.