Online Shopping Cart

Webber Marketing can build your company a complete Internet E-Commerce Solution for automated shopping over the Internet. We can use your existing database and convert it to a format that is able to search, customize, and control all your inventory in a single easy to use interface that you control. We also offer Miva Merchant as a cost effective alternative.

With our easy to use Maintenance Program, you can add or delete items directly over the Internet without ever having any previous html/cgi training.

Shoppers can easily find your products with the built-in search capabilities.

Easily select a product and get additional information by clicking on description.

Detailed description and images can be added through the Catalog Maintenance Program. Images of product are not included in setup charge. We can scan and add image to each record for an addition $20.00/product image. Or you can scan and add your own images through any File Transfer Program (training is available for this option at $45.00/hour)

Once a shopper finds a product they want to buy, they add it to their cart. The shopper can update their cart or continue shopping until they are ready to check out.

All order will be submitted through a secure server that is encrypted for credit card safety.

For a working sample of a cart that is in use please go to:

For general pricing please see below, or call Webber Marketing at 203-978-9004 for a free estimate.

Shopping Cart Setup

One Time Charge

Software and setup for up to 10,000 products. Your company provides database in tab delimited format using appropriate fields (call for field info). Database can be entered directly from Catalog Maintenance Program once setup. Price also includes secure server setup, search engine and graphical interface as shown above.





Additional text graphics $15.00
Product Images scanned $20.00/image
Corporate logo and Image map with links up to 10 other pages. $250.00/image map
Custom graphics for added design concepts. $50.00/image

Storage Rates

Monthly Charge

www.your (50 MB's with 1 gigabite transfer, cgi-bin packed with useful scripts) Uses Dual Multihomed T3 redundant backbones and powerful servers $85.00 $50.00
Email Accounts (1-10) one time setup fee $20.00/account
Email Accounts (11-30) one time setup fee $15.00/account
Email Accounts (30+) one time setup fee $10.00/account

Website/Graphic Design Rates

Per Hour

Scripting (java/cgi/vrml/shockwave) $95.00
Scripting (html) $85.00
Page Layout/Design (Quark/Freehand/Illustrator) $65.00
Type Setting $45.00
High Res Imaging $95.00
Tech Support/Computer Configuration $55.00

Digital Scanning

Low Res

High Res


2"x3" $20.00 $25.00 $40.00
3"x4" $20.00 $30.00 $40.00
4"x5" $20.00 $35.00 $45.00
5"x7" $20.00 $65.00 $75.00
6"x9" $20.00 $85.00 $95.00

Web Site Packages

Per Unit

First Index Page (2 images/your text/custom background/10 links $250.00
Additional Pages (your text/custom background/10 links) $100.00
Custom Animated Gifs (10 frames) $200.00
Custom Images $85.00
Custom Multi Button Bar with Image Map $250.00
Frames Site (up to 6 separate windows plus index page) $500.00
Real Audio (sound files per minute) $50.00


Includes 2 Low-Res scanned images, 3 pages text, 2 hours system time or design time, and up to 10 links to other pages or search engines.

For more information please go to the following pages:



Web Site Design | Catalog Production | Prepress | Hosting | Links


or call 203-978-9004