Webber Marketing provides complete web site design and marketing for businesses to better promote the products and services they offer. We also offer E-Commerce solutions with our complete automated On-Line Shopping Cart System available to manufacturers, distributors, retail and wholesale merchants.

In order to get your company on the Internet fast, we will need the following files to construct your Web Page(s).

During the design stage, we will post your pages onto our demo site where you can interact with them through the Internet. Here you will have complete control of how your pages look by adding different graphics, backgrounds, and text. In going forward, what ever we build for you, will be setup so you can expand upon it in the future.

Once we construct your Web Pages we need to store them on a Internet server, who will then assign you a domain name. This is a protocol address usually starting with your provider name then your unique name ( There are monthly storage fees for keeping your files on a server, and they vary from provider to provider according to disk space available, resource requirements, and system load factor.

As part of our services we offer a flat rate of $85.00 per month for up to 50 MB's of storage with 1 gig transfer/month. Or $50.00 per month on our site for up to 15 MB's of storage with .5 gig transfer/month. Additional storage is $2.00/MB per month. Encryption security for MasterCard/Visa costs $25.00 per month.

If your Web Pages demand a higher system load factor more then 1 gig/month, additional surcharges may also apply. The system load factor is determined by the number of MB's your pages are uploading to other computers multiplied by the number of hits you receive each month. Every time a person looks at a page, the information has been uploaded to their computer.

Unless you are a big company, and you register your address with the many search engines available through the Internet, you will rarely get a surcharge. If you register your address with different search engines, your traffic will increase. If you are password protected, however, this will limit the amount of traffic on your pages. For pricing please see Monthly Volume Surcharges.

If you wish to have a virtual presence on the Internet, you can register your own unique domain name with the Internet directly (i.e. www.unique. com). There is a $200.00 charge for the first two years and a $75.00 charge for each year thereafter. This allows net surfers to link to you with fewer key strokes.

With your initial setup, we will give you your own Email address. This will allow you to transfer files or mail to other Email addresses. We can even install a link on your home page, so someone who is interested in your products or services can leave messages.

Webber Marketing will maintain and update your pages on a monthly basis, and make sure they are properly seated on the Internet at all times. Any modifications to your pages performed by Webber Marketing will be billed monthly along with any other services you may require.

Once your pages are up and running, you may choose to register keywords about your business with various Search Engines available on the Internet. This will allow people searching the Internet to reach your pages faster by typing a keyword or topic. The more Search Engines you register with, the more hits you are likely to receive.